Don't tell them I'm doing this.™


Daisy Jane

BIG sister Daisy Jane, aka Hall Monitor. She narcs on me compulsively—not cool. But never lays a hand on me—cool.... View Article


BFAM Rex, nickname Bubba. We were born a month apart. He’s always got my back and says “What computer?” when... View Article


Little sister Seven, nickname Norma Desmond, puts the hiss in histrionic. When not emoting, she’s my shadow, mimicking every move.... View Article

Jet Li

Half brother Jet Li. He’s a Tibetan Buddhist who’s so chill he calms even me. Last time he visited, we... View Article


Half sister Meo. She’s Jet Li’s whole sister and, like him, a Tibetan Buddhist who wouldn’t hurt a mouse. I’m... View Article


Cousin Layla. Next to me, she’s the brainiac in the family. A sterling conversationalist, she has something to say about... View Article


Cousin Callie. She’s a Zen master, wise and and gentle. I have much to learn from her. For real. She’s... View Article


Friend Poppy. Handsome devil, social climber and all-around great guy. A better storyteller does not exist.